Our Team

Carlton Young

Carlton N. Young, P. E. (California), P. Eng (Belize)Principal / Project Manager / Engineer

Mr. Carlton Young is the Principal of the firm. He is responsible for all engineering work and holds ultimate responsibility for all supervision and management. Mr. Young holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in structural engineering, both from the University of California at Berkeley, and is registered as a professional engineer both in the United States and in Belize. He has participated in a wide variety of projects around the world and in Belize for more than twenty years. Mr. Young is fluent in English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of French.

Emory Bennett

Emory K. BennettSite Inspector & Projects Coordinator

Construction Manager Mr. Emory Bennett is responsible for coordinating projects, monitoring construction works and progress, interfacing with contractor personnel, and coordinating testing and other quality assurance programs. Mr. Bennett holds an associate’s degree in physics and mathematics from the Belize Technical College and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Belize. He has attended training courses in construction technologies and has worked on a variety of projects with YEC.

Darrell Young

Darrell YoungCivil Engineer

Mr. Darrell Young performs civil and structural engineering calculations, and also provides site inspections and construction quality monitoring. Mr. Young holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. He has been practicing civil and structural engineering for the past 3 years in Canada and in Belize.

Kenrick Munnings

Kenrick MunningsCivil Engineering Technician

Mr. Kenrick Munnings is responsible for coordinating the production of AutoCAD drawings as well as taking site measurements and levels. Mr. Munnings also prepares preliminary engineering layouts under the direction of the Engineer. Mr. Munnings holds an Associate’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Belize and has worked for 8 years with YEC.

Jahmaal Harris

Jahmaal HarrisAutoCAD Technician

Mr. Jahmaal Harris is responsible for producing AutoCAD drawings and assisting with site measurements, taking levels, and performing quantity estimates.

Sylvia Garoy

Sylvia GaroyAdministrative Manager

Ms. Garoy is responsible for all administrative management, including preparation of reports and proposals, managing files and record, tax filing, and bookkeeping. Ms. Garoy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Belize and has worked with YEC for more than 5 years on various projects.